How To Travel Comfortably With Your Pets

According to the 2017–2018 National Pet Owners Survey, 68% of US households own a pet. That’s 89 million dogs, an increase of 56% since 1988.

Of that number, about 37% of pet owners actually travel with their pets every year, up from just 19% a decade ago. The International Pet and Animal Transportation Association reported that, worldwide, more than four million live animals are transported on planes every year.

Most of us have experienced cabin fever over the past couple of years, given the continuous pandemic-related lockdowns we have experienced.  We are raring to get back to travelling both domestically and overseas.  In this blog, our team at Dogtastic Deals will give you some great tips on the safest and most comfortable ways to travel with your fur babies, whether it be by plane or car.              

Do your research prior to setting off

Make sure your accommodation is pet friendly. Many places say they are when in reality they’re not.  Always read the reviews to see what other guests say in relation to this.  Search the reviews for terms such as ‘dog friendly’, ‘fully fenced’, ‘bedding provided’ and ‘cleaning fees’.  If bedding is not provided by your host, then pack a comfortable dog bed to ensure a good night’s rest for your furry companion.  Check to see if there are any main roads or other hazards around that could present a risk to your pet.  Does your AirBnB host have a cat or chickens, for example?  Having to keep your dog tied up for the duration of your stay would not make for a happy holiday for them, or you. Are there dog friendly beaches, pubs, and restaurants nearby?

Make sure you have the right equipment to keep your pets safe and secure on the journey

If you are travelling by road, then you need to think about the safety of you and your passengers including your precious pets. We recommend that you use a dog car seatbelt that loops around the headrest and clips onto your dog’s harness. A travel buddy dog seat cover is also advisable to keep your pets contained and comfortable throughout the car journey. This one from Owleys has an anti-slip PVC bottom coating and deep storage pockets for maximum convenience.  It is really easy to keep clean as well using the portable and powerful Owler 16000 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner.

If you are travelling by plane then consider using the Hideaway backpack to transport small pets, or the Burgundy jet carrier if you’re pet weighs less than 16lbs. Don’t forget to check with your airline if your pet requires a pet passport in order to travel with you.

Safety First!

Carry plenty of pet food and water with you including convenient dispensers

Pets can quickly get dehydrated when travelling in vehicles, particularly on a sunny day. Make sure you plan regular stops into your trip, and have a portable pet water bottle handy to offer them water on those breaks along with one of this foldable dog feeding bowls. Or for the ultimate in convenience, try going for one of these 4-in-1 pet gadgets which is a super portable item for pet feeding, drinking on the go, even feature a compartment to store poop bags and a shovel to scoop the poop. If, like me, you are quite particular about measuring out your pet’s food portions, this pet food measuring spoon with LCD display, is the ultimate travel accessory!

New environments can be unsettling for your pet, particularly for the first few days

Just like us humans, animals take some time to adjust to new places. Dogs, in particular, crave familiarity and can therefore act unsettled for a few days when you go away somewhere. You can help your pet out by bringing along his favourite toys, and puzzles help take their mind off the unfamiliarity of the new environment. Lots of cuddles and reassurance also help to put their minds at ease.  Bringing their own bedding also helps them feel like a part of home has come with them. Try to keep the same feeding and sleep routines, if possible, whilst you are away. If your dog enjoys a good brush, try these pet anti-shedding gloves which are soothing, and effective at removing excess fur from their coats. Remember that dogs can’t just remove their coats in summer when they get hot! Their owners need to give them a helping hand.

Maintain grooming and good hygiene

It is important not to neglect your dog’s dental hygiene, even on holiday! These soft finger pet toothbrush sets are the perfect travel size and easier to use on your pet than most standard pet toothbrushes. Remember to give your dog’s nails a good clipping using this rechargeable professional nail grinder or pet nail clipper before you set off. Also, there is a high chance that your dog will find the muckiest mud pool or stagnant pond to wallow in – after all, it’s their holiday too! So pack one of these spring fresh scent pet colognes if you wish to keep your car smelling pleasant on the trip home.

Brush My Teeth!

There you have it, all the tips and tricks you need for the perfect getaway so that you and your family or friends, can travel comfortably with your pets wherever you choose to go!

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